Bathtub Remodel | Reglazing Bathtubs

If your property has an outdated or damaged tub, counter top, sink or wall tile, reglazing makes sense in today’s economic environment

Chips, rust, cracks, stains, and dull areas are completely restored when you have the work done by Advanced-Reglazing.

If your bathroom fixtures have outdated colors, Advanced-Reglazing can change them to make them look new again. We offer a wide variety of colors to fit your new decor.

When we are finished, your family and guests will not be able to tell the difference between a refinished tub, sink or floor and a new one.

So if you are faced with worn or dated bathroom or kitchen fixtures, you have the choice of refinishing or replacement. Replacement, especially bathtubs, includes expensive tradesmen and weeks of interrupting your lifestyle.Frequently demolition is required. That means noisy, dusty work that causes damage to your floors, walls and plumbing and most of all its expensive.

Most of all the value of Advance-Reglazing services is the cost savings advantage. Replacing a tub can cost $2,000 or more. Take a look 


Total Replacement




$2,000 - $3,000

$1,000 for tub, $3,000 for tub and wall

$375 for tub*, $750 for tub and 3 wall surround (wholesale)

Time without tub

7 - 10 days

1 day

8 hours


15 plus years

5-10 years

10 - 15 years

Color availability

Limited to what's produced - 3 to 5 colors

Very limited - often only 2 or 3 colors

Any color is available

Look and feel

Porcelain, plastic or fiberglass

Thin shell gives a cheap, flimsy plastic look

Retains the look and feel of the original porcelain and ceramic fixtures

Disruption to home and life

Major: dust, debris, dumpsters, drywall, several workmen

Moderate: dust and debris

Minimal: one worker, done in a few hours

* For remodeling and renovations contractors please call and inquire about our volume discount pricing (and resellers’ incentives