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New Yorkers and others in the Northeast are challenged with  a multitude of choices when it comes to bathroom remodeling and reglazing  contractors. Most homeowners or commercial property owner’s biggest issue with a contractors is "trust".

Advanced Reglazing is  an Industry Leader in bathroom Remodeling, especially when it comes to worn out bathroom fixtures.

Our talented, trustworthy and highly trained, teams of professional reglazers and installer are focused on helping you save  time, money, and at the same time help save the environment.

When it comes  to remodeling bathrooms, tile, tubs, and sinks we understand the value proposition.

We studied the bathroom remodeling cost very closely and when you think about plumbing, tile work, removing and discarding the old  fixtures, it makes much more sense to simply call Advanced-Reglazing.

We factored all those elements into your bathroom remodeling cost and work with closely with you to save you money.

In the end bathroom upgrades that include bathtub refinishing provide a solid return on investment, even in a tightening economy and improve the equity in your home.

However professional bathroom remodeling projects requires careful  planning and a good bit of financial creativity. Advanced Reglazing can give you many cost savings ideas for remodeling a small bathroom whether it is with our many choices of reglazing colors that compliments your style and relieves stress, or discounts on multiple unit projects. 

At Advanced Reglazing we undertand that stress is an inevitable factor in everyday living, and when it comes to remodeling your bathroom we take the financial stress out.

We understand that your bathroom is a space that is used regularly! It is a place where we can relax when we want to escape from the outside world. And that is why we believe a short project time is very important because you can’t do without your bathroom. 

That is why In just one day your bathtubs, and sinks can be beautifully re-grouted,  repaired, and re-colored with a tough acrylic coating that will last for years. 

See our bathroom remodeling photos.
For an estimate for your bathroom, reglazing cost complete our Client Worksheet so that we may provide you with the best  customers service to meet your Reglazing needs while working within your budget.
Learn more about your remodeling or replacement options by reading commonly asked questions and answers in our FAQ’s Page


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