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Bathtub and sink re-glazing or refinishing saves you up to 75% on your bathroom remodeling cost if you own a commercial property


Bathtub refinishing or surface restoration is one of the fastest growing segments in the remodeling industry. Apartment, hotel, condo owners, and now the government are discovering the cost savings of bathtub and sink refinishing over replacement.


Advanced Reglazing is focused on helping commerical property owners save money and at the same time help save the environment.


For the past few years, Advanced-Reglazing have been working with hotels, motels, retirement communities, apartments, bed and breakfasts, and nursing homes showing them how to take advantage of our commercial refinishing volume discount in their bathroom and kitchen renovations.


At Advanced Reglazing when we work with commerical property owners, we focus on your on budget, because we know that budgets are tight especially in the hotel business, and we are willing to negotiate with you.


It has been our experience that many hotels are now reglazing their tubs and sinks instead of tearing them out and replacing them. We have found that many of our clients are looking for small concessions, on multiple projects and we are prepared to offer them big return on their investment in this rough economy.


When you think about it bathtub refinishing is an inexpensive way of achieving a new gloss on bathtubs sinks and tubs, that are have been dulled from years of harsh chemical use. The era of colored tubs has produced colors are in a desperate need of an update, and now you have a New York City based reglazing company that is anxious to work with you.


In better times, hotel and apartment building owners would just tear out the walls and replace the worn out fixtures. This process was not only time consuming and costly but it also affected operating income because the rooms were “off line” for extended periods of time. At Advanced-Reglazing we work fast and furious to get the job done on time and on budget.


At Advanced Reglazing, we studied the cost of plumbing, tile work, removing and discarding the old fixtures, and the effects that have on our environment, and all that into consideration when we are pricing your job.


And since we factored that into our pricing structure this allows you to work with us and save money on many different levels. Call today to speak to our General Manager about how we can save you thousands of dollars.