Clawfoot Tub Refinishing | Claw Tub Refinishing

Advanced-Reglazing takes special pride in refinishing your clawfoot tub.

We appreciate the value of clawfoot tubs and go to great lengths to insure your authentic tub is treated with care.

We understand that clawfoot tubs are becoming harder and harder to find and we also know the value of refinishing a antique.

At Advanced Reglazing we start with genuine care for the value of the tub we are working on and being by gently grinding and carefully filling in the pits and holes on the outside of the tub, taking great care in removing all paint, coatings.

Next we slowly prime the surface with an epoxy primer, to give a smooth base coat so that the final "enamel" looks as good as the day you claw foot tub was made.

If you have invested (or found) an authentic clawfoot tub and you want to make sure an experienced tub reglazer does the refinishing work for you and that is the professionals at Advanced-Reglazing