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Remodeling a New York apartment building or hotel can be an expensive proposition. When you consider the cost of hiring a reputable contractor and buying materials and all the inherent risks the true cost can be staggering. One of the ways to save money is to refinish the bathtubs and sinks and using Advanced-Reglazing Inc to do the work. Licensed, bonded and insured Advanced-Reglazing works closely with all contractions so that the jobs are done on time and on budget. While your team is remodeling one area our team works on the bathrooms and kitchens, and we a priority set in list in order of which room you want to go first. As a local contractor it's important to include Advance-Reglazing in the initial planning stage to make the task much easier and profitable for you. You can consult with Advanced-Reglaze throughout the bid process regarding colors, materials, the processes and procedures and time line of improving the value of your client aparments or hotels